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The Conjure Woman
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Folk Remedies

Hex Sign, 'Rain That Refreshes'


1. Wear rattlesnake rattles in the band of your hat.
2. If you walk in the rain in the dog days of Summer, you're sure to get headaches! The way to cure this specific type is to wrap a halter or rope someone was hung with around your head. One used in a suicide has the most power.
 3. Repeatedly dip your hand in cold water, rub it all around your head, shaking the water off your hand each time you put it back in. Never let the water stay on your hand after its' gone over your head or the headache will remain, the object is to put it back into the water. 
4. Wet your finger and run it across the threshold of your house in the form of a cross then put the dust in small dots on your temples.
5. Put a lock of your hair under a stone and be sure not to mention either for one week.
6. Wear a match in your hair.
7. Sleep with your head towards the East.
8. It was believed by some that headaches were caused when birds made nests with the person's hair, burning hair after it's cut was believed to be the way to cure this. 
9. Kill a snake and wrap it around your head.
10. To cure a headache that's a byproduct of the evil eye, put a needle in the hem of your clothes. 
11. Take a live frog and tie it to your head, keeping it there till it dies.

 1. Put a hawk skin on your stomach.
2. Hang a pair of your pants upside down.
3. Crawl around the legs of a ten legged table three times.
4. Drink water 3 flies have been boiled in.
5. Wear a cotton bag around your big toe, then burn it.
6. Burn out an owl’s nest on a mountain, then eat fruit out of it, the smoke from the burning owls will enter the fruit and cure the stomachache.
7. Fumigate your house with sulpher.
8. Rub an old bone on a stone.
9. Apply the contents of wolf’s stomach or the flesh, bones and hide of a goat to your stomach; or, drink the blood of a freshly killed goat.
10. Put a frog on your stomach.
11. Roll over a barrel until you feel better.
12. Eat dried bear stomach.
13. Think of the one you love best, your stomachache go away and she will ache for you.
14. Dig a hole in the ground. If you can spit in it from 3 feet away your stomach won't hurt anymore.


1. Spit under a rock, put the rock back and stand there for a few seconds, as still as you can.

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