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The Conjure Woman
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Learn Tarot, Astrology and Tarot

previously published at Suite101 Tarot
illustrations from Katelan Foisy's deck in progress.

Astrology and the Major Arcana

The Moon

Jill Tracy

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana corespond to the signs, planets and houses of the Zodiac. Here's a reference list of some of these.  

The Fool
Planet: Uranus
Characteristics: A love of surprise, intuitiveness, rashness, rebelliousness, freedom loving, spontneous, detached, intellectual Rules: Aquarius

The Magician
Planet: Mercury
Characteristics: Innovative, logical, communicative, intellectual, witty
Rules: Gemini and Virgo

The High Priestess
Planet: The Moon
Characteristics: Dreamy, intuitive, wise, feeling, sensitive, changeable
Rules: The 4th House of family and ancestors

The Empress
Planet: Venus
Characteristics: Sexy, lover of beauty, artistic, self-indulgant, desireable, satity
Rules: Taurus and Libra

The Emperor
Sign: Aries
Characteristics: Strong leadership skills, a great sense of adventure, desire for action, aggression, ego, impulsiveness, enthusiasm, independence
Planet: Mars

The Heirophant
Sign: Taurus
Characteristics: Practicality, sensuality, patience, stubborness, determination
Planet: Venus

The Lovers
Sign: Gemini
Characteristics: Changeable, witty, curious, spontaneous, talkative, social
Planet: Mercury

The Chariot
Sign: Cancer
Characteristics: Emotional, defensive, dependent, caring, psychic, kind, jealous
Planet: Moon.

Sign: Leo
Characteristics: Dramatic, brave, fun, expressive, egocentric, dominating, insensitive, creative
Planet: Sun

The Hermit
Sign: Virgo
Characteristics: Intellectual, logical, organized, fussy, finds comfort in routine, often misses the big picture
Planet: Mercury

The Wheel of Fortune
Planet: Jupiter
Characteristics: Appreciates abundance, ethical, enthusiastic, social, foolish, tends to take on too much
Rules: Sagittarius

Sign: Libra
Characteristics: Lovers of beauty and harmony, peaceful, fair, artistic, inconsistent, social, talkative
Rules: Venus

The Hanged Man
Planet: Neptune.
Characteristics: mystical, creative, empathetic, dreamy, addictive, self absorbed, magical, loving, feeling, artistic
Sign Pisces

Sign: Scorpio
Characteristics: Passionate, secretive, intense, mysterious, sexual, brooding, paranoid
Planet: Pluto

Sign: Sagittarius
Characteristics: Outgoing, ethical, adventurous, explorative, careless, freedom loving , friendly, happy
Ruled by: Jupiter.

The Devil
Planet: Saturn
Rules: Capricorn
House: 10th, house of social position
Characteristics: Disciplined, has to learn lessons the hard way, mature, wise, very aware of limitations, restrained, cautious

The Tower
Planet: Mars
Characteristics: Ambitious, passionate, active, frank, aggressive, quick to anger

The Star
Sign: Aquarius
Characteristics: Independant, visionary, social, rebellious, impractical, emphasizes individuality, popular, intellectual

The Moon
Sign: Cancer
Characteristics: Sensitive, imaginative, compassionate, psychic, vulnerable, escapist, dreamy

The Sun
Sign: Leo
Characteristics: Emphasizes individuality, willful, creative, egocentric, proud, dominating

Planet: Pluto
Characteristics: Powerful, changeable, compulsive, ruthless

The World
Sign: Capricorn
Characteristics: Organized, serious, practical, high-achiever, ambitious, worrying.

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