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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Learn Tarot, Understanding Court Cards

previously published at Suite101 Tarot
illustrations from Katelan Foisy's tarot in progress.

The World

Understanding Court Cards
For many readers, court cards are the most difficult cards in their Tarot deck to understand. In most decks, they lack the convenient titles e Major Arcana and the helpful pictures of the Minor. So how to interpret them by sight?

Assigning court cards to people involved in the issue(s) at hand with similar characteristics to the card is one shortcut. The characteristics of the Court Cards vary to an extent from deck to deck but this quick guide can be useful as a general reference.

Physical Traits As a general rule, Cups relte to light-haired, blue eyed people. Pentacles represent dark complexioned people or people of color. Wands relate to red-headed people. Swords relate light haired people and Asian people.

Age The Court Cards represent the 3 stages of life. Kings and Queens usually represent people over 30, Knights usually represent people 15-30. Pages represent children.

Some Interactive Meanings If two or more court cards face one another in a reading, two or more people are talking about the situation.

If two or more court cards are facing away from one another, two or more people are arguing.

The presence of more than 2 Court cards in a reading indicates that people are talking about you or the situation.

One card interction tip is to pay attention to what figures on the cards appear to be looking at. This can be a symbol on the card or something on the cards on either side of it. By doing this you can gain valuable insight into the reading. For example, Knights indicate messages. What the message is about may be represented by the card beside the Knight.

Knight of Coins

Personality Traits


Court cards in the suit of Pentacles represent people who are down to earth, practical and who value stability above all. Astrologically, Pentacles represent Earth Signs.

King of Pentacles: A wealthy man; an executive or the head of a family
Queen of Pentacles: A generous, kind woman; logical but creative
Knight of Pentacles: A brooding person; an introvert; romantic; tall dark and handsome
Page of Pentacles: A happy person; someone who likes to initiate things; a constructive dreamer


Court cards in the suit of Swords represent people who are logical, intellectual and sometimes cruel. They can also indicate people who are reserved emotionally. Astrologically, Swords represent Air Signs.

King of Swords: A cold, analytical man; a person who doesn't put up with nonsense
Queen of Swords: A malicious woman; assertive; direct.
Knight of Swords: A take charge person; someone who meets problems head on; a person who moves quickly
Page of Swords: A person who is effecting the situation negatively; sdeceitful o is decietful and likes to stir up trouble

Queen of Cups

Court cards in the suit of Cups represent people who are romantic, dreamy, emotional and laid back. Astrologically, Cups represent Water Signs.

King of Cups: A kind, loving man who tends to go with the flow
Queen of Cups: An empathetic, helpful woman; someone who can be a little wishy-washy
Knight of Cups: A hopeless romantic; a physically attractive man who is often in love with love itself
Page of Cups An idealistic young person, sometimes dreamy to a fault; a little lazy


Court cards in the suit of Wands represent people who are creative and who like excitement. Astrologically, Wands represent Fire Signs.

King of Wands Often a person at the top of a creative profession. An idea person.
Queen of Wands Someone intuitive, thoughtful . A thougtful person who likes new things.
Knight of Wands Someone who moves fast; a person who jumps too quickly from one thing to another; a creative and exciting person
Page of Wands A person who stands their ground; someone who appears out of nowhere and changes situations completely

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