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The Conjure Woman
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Other Old Louisville Hauntings

The next apartment I lived in, this one on First Street, was haunted as well. This time I experienced unusual things all over the house.The first night I stayed there I was in what had been the front parlor. I knew nothing of the history of the place.  I awoke feeling like I'd had the same dream all night. In it I was in the same room but it was full of people. They were talking, all night long talking and keeping me awake. I had the sense that they were there because someone had died.

Friends lived in the apartment next door to the one I was in and I went in to see them in the morning, joking that they'd had a cute idea putting the tarot reader in the haunted room. Their eyes widened in alarm and they asked what had happened. When I told them they looked even more alarmed. "What on earth is it?" I asked and they told me that the original owner had died there and was, in fact buried in the back yard. The room I was in had been where the wake was held.

When I moved into the house I took an apartment on an upper floor. Nothing as dramatic as the first night in the house happened, but I constantly seemed to see something moving in my peripheral vision. What was so strange about it was that it seemed that  I was seeing all sorts of people - of all shapes and sizes and moving at different speeds. When I asked what that part of the house had initially been, I was told the ballroom. Which made such perfect sense I would have thought I'd imposed the images, but I hadn't known what it had been used for beforehand.

Only one other incident occurred while I was there - a row of cups were hanging in the kitchen and, when I came in one morning, though none had fallen two were horribly cracked, as though someone had banged them together.

I never learned more about the original owner of the house, who he had been or how he had died. It seemed his friends haunted the place more than he did, still mourning, still dancing, and all still socializing together. It must have been a place where people were very happy.

Another haunting I didn't see firsthand but heard of and found it creepier than any I encountered. The owner of a house on 3rd Street said he was awakened one night by a lot of noise downstairs, he said it sounded like someone having a party. When he went down to investigate, he said that's exactly what it looked like. The room was full of people, most carrying drinks. What most astonished him was that he was only seeing the people from the waist up. He investigated the history of the place and discovered that the first floor was built over an existing one. It was, in  fact, built right about level to an average height person's waist.

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