The Conjure Woman

The Conjure Woman
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Monday, November 7, 2011

More Dream Images

1. People of all shapes and sizes walking in circles around a large clock-face singing, "What is the world going to do today? What in the world? What in the world?

2. My childhood room -

3. A time machine.

4. A man with the plague stirring a cauldron, (not a good dream!)

(I had a better cauldron dream once, where a beautiful woman with dark hair sang a skeleton on a table back to life.)

5. In a rain forest, gathered round a Mayan sacred pool with other warriors, (I was one)...

6. Watching lions run down a beach as the oceans receeded... an apocalyptic sort of dream...

7. Dancing with a circle of women around a fire on a mountain ... there were drums in the distance... one woman turned to me and her eyes flashed yellow like a cat's and her teeth barred showing fangs... "Sorry", she said, "sometimes that just happens."

Eyes of Erzulie Flambeau

8.  An army of Cardinals moving in kaliedoscopic patterns over a U.N. Conference...

9. An ancient maypole...

10. The real Scarborough Fair

11. That I'm a fox running across Sutton Hoo...

I must go back to keeping a dream journal...

1 comment:

  1. Great Post & Lovely Pictures :D
    I thought you might enjoy machinima film about the folk song Scarborough Fair
    along with my speculative conjecture that this may have arisen from Spencer's Faerie Queene
    Best Wishes.