The Conjure Woman

The Conjure Woman
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Gallery of Witches

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The Witch of Endor, a Canaanite

Canaanite Goddess 

Isobel Gowdie

Rossetti, Lady Lillith detail

Margaret Brodie

Artemsia-Gentileschi, Self-Portrait, 17th c.

Margaret Brodie

Elizabeth Anderson

Albrecht Durer
Elizabeth Anderson

Portrait of a Young Woman as a Sibyl, 1621, Gentileschi
Elizabeth Sawyer
The Witch of Edmonton, a Play About Elizabeth Sawyer c. 1621

Mme. de Montespan

La Voisin, (Catherine Monvoisin)

La Vosin

Marie Bacion

La Bella, Titian, 1536
During the reign of Henry the IV of France, Marie Balcoin was an accused sorceress from Pays de Labourd. She was burned at the stake.

Alesoun Balfour
Portrait of a Lady, El Greco 1594

Alesoun – or Alison – Balfour was accused of taking part in a plot to murder Orkney Earl Patrick Stewart. His brother, John Stewart, was thought to be behind the plot and his servant, Thomas Paplay, named Alesoun Balfour as an accomplice. After Alesoun, her husband, son and daughter were tortured, she confessed to witchcraft. Her execution occurred in 1594

Maggie Wall

Salvator Rosa, portrait of the artist's wife Lucrezia, 1657
A statute near the small village of Dunning, Scotland currently reads “Maggie Wall burnt here 1657 as a Witch.” Nobody knows why she was accused of witchcraft.

Hoodoo Lizzie Brown

Voodoo Queen of the Old West
Lizzie Brown

Marie Laveau

Mary Ellen Pleasant, Voodoo Queen of San Francisco

Mary Ellen Pleasent

Marie Anne Lenormand

Maria de Naglowska, (Sophia de Montparnasse)
Russian Occultist

Maya Deren

Maya Deren

Dora van Gelder Kunz

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