The Conjure Woman

The Conjure Woman
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Friday, November 4, 2011

The World of the Witch of Endor - Canaanite Artifacts

When the Witch of Endor communicated with the dead for the Biblica King Saul, she wasn't practicing witchcraft as we think of it at all but rather the Cannaanite religion. A core part of their beliefs and practices included veneration of ancestors, who were sometimes asked for help by the living. It was believed that, after the death of the physical body, the soul went to a place called Mot. Offerings of food and drink were made after death to the deceased, and the deceased were also buried with possessions to accompany them in Mot.

Mot, or Mawat, the God of death, was not worshipped or given offerings. The name, interestingly, survives in our English term, 'check mate'. Another interesting aside, the notorious Jezebel was also a Canaanite priestess. They were a cosmopolitan and sophisticated people.

Unfortunately, little is known about their culture and religion.

Canaanite Artifacts:

Lady of Ibzia

Bronze Mirror with Goddess Handle

Beautiful Glass:


Bronze Dieties

Gold Bull

Pig Vessel

 Fertility Goddess


 Head of Figure


 Water, Wine or Oil Vessel

Gold Jar


Religious Relief
Baal Figure


Bronze Statue

Cup From the Time of Isaac


Another Cup From the Time of Isaac



Animal Figure

Girl With Drum


Limestone Mask

Alabaster Jar

Glass Pitcher

Chariot Figurine

Face Vessel


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