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The Conjure Woman
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Monday, March 30, 2015

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This weeks newsletter:

This week's Reading Special
Have a cup of Earl Grey with Lavender or Blooming Jasmine tea with me and add a free tea leaf reading to tarot readings this week.  Call 818-985-2010 to schedule, (just tell them you'd like Tarot and tea). 

Add a Palm reading to your session for just $10 more. I'm at the Green Man Store Tuesday-Thursday, Saturday (11 am - 7 pm) and Sunday (noon-5 pm).

This Weeks Meditation Video:

Shingon Chant, (Japanese Esoteric Buddhism) 

This Weeks Favorite Links
Not only for my Southern Conjure Students but the rest of you too - check out these online texts, all central to Hoodoo magic for a century or more!

'Pow Wows or Long Lost Friend'

Secrets of the Psalms

The Sixth Book of Moses 

The Seventh Book of Moses

Upcoming Classes
Note: I will be sending handouts this week from the Southern Conjure Mojo, Candle Magic and Spiritual Baths Classes as well as transcriptions from our first Automatic Writing class session with the Pirate Jean Lafitte, a prominent figure in New Orleans history and friend of Marie Laveau. Our last session with a guest trance medium was great and the class is back April 12!

These will be sent as word attachments and are a bonus for mailing list members only. If you would prefer to receive the documents in the body of an email, respond to this and let me know. 

Thursday, April 2 - 7:30-9:30 pm Southern Conjure Series: Hoodoo Saints Magic
Just $20! ($23 if by card) Call 818-985-2010 to register.

Learn how to work roots, make mojos, read bones, read eggs and do egg cleansings and much, much more this new series exploring the folk magic of the Southern U.S., presented by Hoodoo/Conjure practitioner Elizabeth Bissette. A psychic reader, medium, and energy worker from Nashville, Elizabeth grew up in the Hoodoo-infused South and inherited natural psychic ability from her Cherokee Great-Grandmother.

An authentic Southern Conjure woman, Elizabeth incorporates direct spirit communication in her readings and magical workings. With an academic background focused on Judaism and the Early Church, she has a unique layer of insight into the many Judeo-Christian influences in Hoodoo. Her field studies in the Santeria/Lucemi tradition add additional insight into this uniquely American system of magic.

This class will provide an overview of the role of saints candles, baths, oils and altars in the system. Message me for materials info.

Psychometry Saturday, April 4, 2015 noon-2pm 
$23; $3 discount for cash. Call 818-985-2010 to register
Learn to develop Psychometry, the ability to read the history of objects or to communicate with spirits attached to them by touch.  For example, a hat could tell you about the people who wore it and their experiences and also of the places it has been. The emotions and personalities of people who possessed the object often come through very strongly as well. Psychometry can also be used to tap into and communicate with spirit guides and loved ones who have passed.
During this class we will also explore various methods to develop students individual mediumistic abilities. By the end of the two hour session you’ll be ready to continue practicing on your own!
Previous experience with spirits and/or psychic ability is helpful but not necessary.
What we think we become. - Buddha

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