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The Conjure Woman
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to Read Playing Cards


Ace: A loving family, a new romance, a love letter on it's way.
Two: Successful engagements and partnerships.
Three: Be careful... especially with your words.
Four: A change in residence or business. Marriage late in life.
Five: Don't make hasty decisions. You could be surrounded by jealous people.
Six: Unexpected good luck, generally from another person.
Seven: An unfaithful or unreliable person. Promises will be broken.
Eight: Visits. Invitations.
Nine: Wishes and dreams come true.
Ten: Good luck and happiness, particularly in love.
Jack: A close friend. Used to represent a pleasant, dark blonde or light brown haired, younger man or woman.
Queen: A kind dark blonde/light brown haired woman.
King: A kind dark blonde/light brown haired man. Someone will give you good advice.


Ace: A ring or other present of jewelry. News about money is on it's way.
Two: A love affair or business deal others don't approve of.
Three: Legal issues and domestic arguments.
Four: Inheritance and other financial improvements.
Five: Success in business and family life.
Six: Marriage and relationship problems, particularly in later life.
Seven: Surprise news, (and it might not be good). Business problems.
Eight: Marriage and travel late in live. Rags to riches to rags and back again.
Nine: New opportunities in business and other good news related to money.
Ten: Changes for the better. Particularly in business or travel.
Jack: A relative. Used to indicate a blonde or very light red haired young woman or man. Could be a dishonest person.
Queen: A woman who loves to party, gossip and flirt. Used to indicate a blonde or very light red haired woman.
King: A stubborn and influential man. Used to indicate a blonde or very light red haired man.


Ace: Money, health, love and happiness.
Two: Difficult changes and separations coming from gossip and lies.
Three: A wealthy marriage.
Four: Like two, changes resulting from lies but also from betrayal.
Five: Help from new friends. A happy marriage.
Six: Success in business due to financial assistance.
Seven: Prosperity.
Nine: Accomplishments. New love. Avoid stubbornness/be open to others.
Ten: Good luck, especially with money and travel. Unexpected funds may arrive.
Jack: A friend you can count on. Used to represent a dark haired young man or woman.
Queen: An attractive, confident woman. Used to represent a dark haired woman.
King: An honest, generous, affectionate man. Used to represent a dark haired man.


Ace: Emotional conflict, obsession, death. Things coming to a head.
Two: Separation through gossip and deceit. Difficult changes.
Three: Unfaithfulness. Breakups.
Four: Illness. Broken promises, especially in business and other partnerships.
Five: People interfering with a happy home.
Six: Small changes for the better.
Seven: Unexpected loss of friends.
Eight: Trouble, disappointment, things going wrong, friends letting you down.
Nine: Bad luck. Depression. Destructive behavior.
Ten: Trouble, worries. Imprisonment. News you don't want to hear.
Jack: An immature and unreliable young person who means well but can't follow through. Young men and women of Asian or African American descent.
Queen: Used to represent old women. A woman who disregards others.
King: Used to represent old men. An ambitious, authoritative man.

Joker: New developments, fresh starts, taking risks.

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