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The Conjure Woman
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dream Enhancing Herbs and Stones

Here are some herbs and stones to facilitate lucid dreaming and to increase the vividness of dreams:


Mugwort - enhances dreams, helps with remembering dreams, increases vividness - burn as an incense or smudge or drink in tea/smoke, (do not use daily or in large amounts).

Chamomile - helps eliminate nightmares, drink in a tea or use in a bath, can also be kept in a pillow.

Dream Herb (Calea Zacatechichi) Shamanistic herb to promote lucid dreaming, heighten vividness of dreams. Smoke or drink in a tea for maximum effect.

Valerian Can help create more vivid/intense dreams.

Ginko Biloba Can help remember dreams, increase vividness, (capsules)

Peppermint Can increase lucid dreams and dream vividness. Some people experience premonitions more easily. Drink for maximum effect but can also be used in a bath or pillow.

Passion Flower Relaxing, sedative. Drink for maximum effect.

Datura (do not consume) use under pillow for lucid/vivid dreams.

Blue Lotus Lucid dreams.

Also: Jasmine, Rose, Mullien, Lemongrass, Lavendar


Holey Stones  Tapping into other dimensions, spirit communication.

Quartz (clear)  Intensifies dreaming.

Azurite 3rd eye, contacting spirit guides, general dream intensification.

Moldavite Lucid dreaming, dream recall

Chyrsocolla Increases premonitions in dreams

Ruby Protection from nightmares.

Opal Increases vividness.

Malachite Increases vividness.

Amethyst 3rd eye, dream interpretation.

Agate Banded agate has been used under pillows to promote varied dreams since ancient times.

Celestite Elevates awareness.

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