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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fortune Telling and Ghosts - An Online Course

An online workshop beginning March 31  and continuing to May 1. Learn to communicate with spirits and to use the skill to enhance fortune telling with tarot, pendulum, tea leaves and more.

Private weekly lessons by phone/video chat and additional weekly group session via conference call. Students will receive weekl...y written materials and participate in a private online forum for further class discussion and Q & A.

Cost is $135 for the 4 week session, (about 2 hours a week per person). As the workshop is virtual it is open to students everywhere but lessons can be held in person for those of you in the Nashville, Tn area.
Course Outline:
Each week students will meet for one hour via conference call and individually by phone with instructor for private lessons. (Or in person in the Nashville area). An online discussion forum where questions, readings and ghost stories can be posted will also be opened. Instructor will check message boards routinely.
Students will also complete a project each week to aid in spirit communication and/or fortune telling. Written materials providing an overview of each unit will be sent each Monday via email and quizzes to ensure mastery of material will be sent each Friday.
Week One: An Introduction to Ghosts
What are ghosts? A History of Ghost Hunting.  Ghost stories, fact and fiction. 
Project: Compile your own collection of 5-10 ghost stories via interviews with friends and family.
Written Materials: An overview of ghosts throughout history. Excerpts from the instructor's collection of real-life ghost stories, photos and recordings.
Week Two: Communicating with Spirits
Pendulums. Ouija Boards. Automatic Writing.
Project: Make your own Ouija board and pendulum.
Written Materials: Mediums throughout history. How to use a pendulum and Ouija board. How to do automatic writing.
Week Three: Ghosts and Fortune-Telling
An introduction to Tarot. Tea Leaf Reading. African divination. Tapping into spirits to enhance fortune-telling.
Project: Make your own African Divination kit.
Written Materials: Quick Tarot reading guide. Tea Leaf symbol guide. African divination guide.
Week Four: Students Choice
Week four will explore the topics of the student's choice in more depth, both in private lessons and in the group session.