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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fortune Telling and Ghosts - An Online Course

An online workshop beginning March 31  and continuing to May 1. Learn to communicate with spirits and to use the skill to enhance fortune telling with tarot, pendulum, tea leaves and more.

Private weekly lessons by phone/video chat and additional weekly group session via conference call. Students will receive weekl...y written materials and participate in a private online forum for further class discussion and Q & A.

Cost is $135 for the 4 week session, (about 2 hours a week per person). As the workshop is virtual it is open to students everywhere but lessons can be held in person for those of you in the Nashville, Tn area.
Course Outline:
Each week students will meet for one hour via conference call and individually by phone with instructor for private lessons. (Or in person in the Nashville area). An online discussion forum where questions, readings and ghost stories can be posted will also be opened. Instructor will check message boards routinely.
Students will also complete a project each week to aid in spirit communication and/or fortune telling. Written materials providing an overview of each unit will be sent each Monday via email and quizzes to ensure mastery of material will be sent each Friday.
Week One: An Introduction to Ghosts
What are ghosts? A History of Ghost Hunting.  Ghost stories, fact and fiction. 
Project: Compile your own collection of 5-10 ghost stories via interviews with friends and family.
Written Materials: An overview of ghosts throughout history. Excerpts from the instructor's collection of real-life ghost stories, photos and recordings.
Week Two: Communicating with Spirits
Pendulums. Ouija Boards. Automatic Writing.
Project: Make your own Ouija board and pendulum.
Written Materials: Mediums throughout history. How to use a pendulum and Ouija board. How to do automatic writing.
Week Three: Ghosts and Fortune-Telling
An introduction to Tarot. Tea Leaf Reading. African divination. Tapping into spirits to enhance fortune-telling.
Project: Make your own African Divination kit.
Written Materials: Quick Tarot reading guide. Tea Leaf symbol guide. African divination guide.
Week Four: Students Choice
Week four will explore the topics of the student's choice in more depth, both in private lessons and in the group session.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lonesome Liz's Magial Mojo's

Lonesome Liz's Magical Mojo's
Where the Art of Conjure Meets Fine Art

Currently Available by Mail or,
In Nashville at The Goddess and The Moon Nov. 30

Featured in the best-selling 'Everything Ghost Hunting Guide' and host of popular seances, ghost tours, I also write and direct seance theater multi-media productions. After completing a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy, I studied ancient languages at Union Theological Seminary and undertook ethnographic studies in West African and Southern Folk Magic traditions; (in other words, I very nearly have an MA in Voodoo, Santeria and Hoodoo). A former Tarot, Astrology and Mythology editor for and, I read and teach tarot, palms, tea leaves, I Ching, Runes and Dice. For several years I was the online tarot instructor for Barnes and

As a visual artist, I have exhibited with some of Modern Art's greatest revolutionaries including Molly Crabapple, ( and Drive-by Truckers artist Wes Freed, ( Curatorial projects have included Psychedelic Art icon Bob Masse ( and others. All Hoodoo and Voodoo inspired products listed below are not only effective and powerful pieces of magic but mixed media art works made of recycled materials.

Instructions, spells, prayers and petitions included.

Money/Luck/Prosperity Floor Wash – add 2 parts water and one part pine sol to the bottle, then add small amounts to water used for cleaning to bring money and luck in material endeavors. Specially fixed to facilitate enduring prosperity. For home and business.

Money/Luck/Prosperity 7 Day Candle bottle Burn a green 7 day candle on top of the bottle with a white 7 day candle alongside it, reciting included petitions.

Money Pocket Mojo Bottle With Devil's Shoestring root to add luck with gambling/taking risks and getting a job.

Love Poket Mojo To bring love.

Love Pocket Mojo 2 To get what you want/control romantic situations.

Love Herbs with Roses for Honey Jar Spells The best love spell there is.

Guardian Angel Salt Sprinkle at home or at work to protect against bad spirits, people and events.

Brick Dust Use inside and outside your home or business to prevent harmful spirits or people from entering.

Chicken Egg Shells Liker Brick Dust, prevents harmful people and spirits from entering your business or home. The two used in combination are particularly strong.

Un-jinxing/Good Luck Floor Wash Add water to bottle then add a small amount to water used for cleaning. Eliminates bad energy, removes jinx's/hexes and the effects of ill will, brings good luck.

Holey Stones Place under pillow to dream about ancestors and spirits or look through when meditating to see the spirit world.
Devil's Shoestring Oil For luck in getting a job, gambling and to keep the Devil/Evil out of your house.

Rattlesnake Root Oil Protects from all forms of evil, especially false friends. Add some to honey jar or other bottles above to keep false loves and opportunities away.

Fiery Calamus Root Oil Choose from: For control over someone intending you harm, to hasten and control financial situations, to hasten and/or control relationships.

Calamus Root To control situations and people.

Chicken Feather and Bone Talismans and Cleansing Tools

Chicken Bone Fortune Telling Set (with casting cloth) Instructions included.

Instructions, petitions and prayers included.

Wishing Sticks
(Baton Desierux)

Pin your wishes to their heads and decorate with items related to the object of your desire. (Large or Small)

Guardian Spirit Dolls
(Corps de Garde)

Keep near the door of your home for protection or carry individual dolls with you for same.

Grave Rememberance Stones

To place on the graves of loved ones to maintain/amplify connection with the person's spirit.

Passway Stones

To place a Hellhound on someone's trail.

Barbie Voodoo Dolls

Custom designed.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sign Up for Witch School! Online/by Phone and Face Time Starts Saturday, Aug. 17

My tarot class, along with requests from friends and followers, has given me a marvelous idea... Witch School! For 6 weeks, beginning August 17, weekly classes will meet via conference call. There will additionally be weekly private lessons for students via FaceTime as well as a Google Group for ongoing discussions. Students will receive written materials on each topic weekly as a reference.

Tuition is just $100, (if paid by August 15) or $25 weekly, ($150) and is payable via PayPal or Money Order.  If you're taking the Tarot and Fortune Telling class now, you can combine this with Advanced Tarot lessons at no additional cost.

This is a class for people at ALL LEVELS - from beginning to advanced. If you are already a practitioner, you can expand existing knowledge (and your input will be fantastic for beginners) if you're just starting, you'll have an amazing introduction to some key areas.

Email to sign up!

Week 1:   A brief history of witchcraft with focus on it's origins in Neolithic Shamanism and it's evolution to present day. Beginning Shamanism, a practical guide. Hi-lights include lucid dreaming techniques and making your own medicine bag.

Week 2:   Making magic happen: an overview of sympathetic magic, what it is and why it works. Students will learn how to make a mojo for varied purposes, (love, money, luck, etc) in addition to other methods of manifesting via this practice.

Week 3:     Creating Altars. Making altars for ancestors, money, love and more. Students will receive one on one guidance in the area of their choosing.

Week 4:    Introduction to Astrology. Hi-lights include analyzing your birth chart and the important role of the phases of the Moon in witchcraft.

Week 5:    Divination, methods and practice. Palmistry, Dice, Tarot and Tea Leaves, will receive the most focus. Students who have already completed Tarot and Fortune Telling are encouraged to focus on Palmistry, dice and to use playing cards in place of Tarot.

Week 6:     Making your own Book of Shadows. Finding, testing and collecting spells.

Elizabeth Bissette, host of 'The Conjure Woman's Corner', is a tarot reader and spirituality instructor living in Nashville, TN best known for her seances, ghost tours and Hoodoo work. She is featured in the best-selling 'Everything Ghost Hunting Guide' and is the former Editor for Tarot, Astrology and Mythology sites at and She also taught tarot via Barnes and Noble's online learning center for some time prior to it's closing.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lonesome Liz Mojo Art & Hoodoo Now Avaliable on Etsy!

photo by Joe Imel

Mojo Bottle Dolls Inspired by, (and often including) Southern Folk Magic -- by the Female Robert Johnson, (Southern Fried Magazine).
More Magical Art:
photo by James Neighbors
Spirit of the Lowlands Bottle Dolls: in sparkling blue to keep ghosts at bay.

Flower Bottle Dolls, for love, sleep, friendship and more

Eyecons - portraits of Saints and/or Sinners, including yourself. Commission only.

A Midsummer Night's Tarot Reading - Have One!

Now through Labor day, a 1/2 hour tarot reading is just $20 and an hour reading only $40. Email me at to schedule a time.

I Ching, African Divination, Pendulum and Rune readings are also available at the same rate.

There's also a fantastic Tarot and Fortune Telling class going on! Weekly discussion via conference call and private lessons by appointment. Just $25 weekly. Join us in Google Groups:!forum/tarot-and-fortune-telling

Friday, July 12, 2013

Blues & Workshops at the Hoodoo Rootworker Heritage Festival

I will be both playing music and leading workshops at the Western Kentucky Hoodoo Rootworker Heritage Festival September 18-21.  Come not only hear music from 'The Female Robert Johnson' (Southern Fried Magazine) but learn about the Crossroads and how to communicate with spirits through Automatic Writing.

More details soon. Meanwhile, check out the Festival website:

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Book of African Divination

This book is awesome. It is, in fact, one of the coolest things I've seen in ages.  More than just a deck that's an unique divination tool, it's a book filled with a host of new ways to apply your intuition to the future.  In addition to five different types of African fortune telling, the book includes chapters on divination itself, Africa and it's cultures and African divination specifically. It's wonderful as both an introduction and guide.

Written by Raymond Buckland, (who has specialized in and written about  Romani (Gypsy) divination) and Kathleen Binger, who a has similar background in African traditions. Her research has included correspondence with diviners in various parts of Africa.

The cards included with the book are her own, based on a system used by the Tikar tribe. The backs of this beautiful and innovative deck feature a spider. This is an attention getting nod at the traditional Tikar method, which uses marked plum leaves and a real spider.

Nearly every chapter introduces you to a new set of tools you can create for yourself. Paint a bowl to emulate one method of the Venda and cast 'bones', (dice can be used), in it. Create 'tablets' with wood, (you can even use popsicle sticks) or stones to try another of their ancient practices. Make a set of Zulu 'bones' with shells, bone and stone to toss onto a mat marked with a pattern reminiscent, in ways, of the I Ching. Create a Yorbua divination board... Last, but not least, the book includes a guide to the wonderful deck.

If you already read tarot, you'll love discovering a new, card-based method of reading. It can, in fact, be used to enhance tarot. One of the fantastic things about this system, however, is you don't need to already know tarot to use it. Highly recommended for everyone with interest in the past, present or future.

Buy The Book of African Divination

Tarot and Fortune Telling, Online Course