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The Conjure Woman
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Gypsy Magic

Ki shan i Romani - 
Adoi san' i chov'hani.

Wherever gypsies go,
there witches are we know -Leland

Some Gypsy Spells and Lore
(source: Leland)


Crush up the shells of your eggs after eating them lest the witches sail out to sea using them for boats! Contrastingly, if you wish to accomplish a particular end with the person you've made eggs for, (be the end good or bad), prick their name on the inside of the shell while focusing your intent. 


To keep a love by your side or bring them to you, take a blade of grass in your mouth and turning to the East then the West say:

Kay o kam avriavel,
kiya mange lele beshel!
Kay o kam tel' avel,
kiya lelakri me beshav.

Where the sun goes up
shall my love be by me. 
Where the sun goes down
there by him/her I'll be.

Cut the blade in pieces and mix it with something the person will eat. Even if they just swallow one bite, they will be gewogen und treugesinnt moved to true love.

Another spell to keep a lover with you is to gather herbs or branches from plants/trees related to love and, on a morning when there are clouds in the east, throw them Eastward saying:

Predzsia, csirik leja,
te na trada m're piranes.

Fly my bird. Fly I say!
Do not chase my love away!

Another is to approach your lover while he/she is sleeping, (naked) and cut a lock of their hair. Carry it with you in a bag, ring, or otherwise on your person. If the person wakes up while you're doing it, however/if you are caught - the spell will work the opposite way and send them away from you so careful!

To punish a faithless lover, light a candle at midnight and prick it several times with a needle saying: 

Pchagerav momely
Pchaegra tre vodyi!

Thrice the candles broke by me.
Thrice thy heart shall broken be.


A gypsy version of pendulum reading - take a strand of your hair and tie a ring to the end. Drop it into a cup or container of some sort. Ask questions that have numeric answers and count the times it hits the sides. The hair pendulum is wound around the ring finger and is also used over a bowl on which letters of the alphabet and/or numbers are drawn.

Another method of divination is to scry the bubbles in boiling water. This is particularly thought to reveal words/letters.

Some Superstitions

Don't use a needle, scissors or bake bread on Wednesday or Friday.
Do not conduct bargins on Friday's because on Friday Paraschiva, to whom the day is sacred, punishes all infractions of law.
Do not wash your hands or comb your hair on a Tuesday.
It is unlucky to wash anything on Saturday.
Working on Saints days and other Holy days is bad luck.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to Read Playing Cards


Ace: A loving family, a new romance, a love letter on it's way.
Two: Successful engagements and partnerships.
Three: Be careful... especially with your words.
Four: A change in residence or business. Marriage late in life.
Five: Don't make hasty decisions. You could be surrounded by jealous people.
Six: Unexpected good luck, generally from another person.
Seven: An unfaithful or unreliable person. Promises will be broken.
Eight: Visits. Invitations.
Nine: Wishes and dreams come true.
Ten: Good luck and happiness, particularly in love.
Jack: A close friend. Used to represent a pleasant, dark blonde or light brown haired, younger man or woman.
Queen: A kind dark blonde/light brown haired woman.
King: A kind dark blonde/light brown haired man. Someone will give you good advice.


Ace: A ring or other present of jewelry. News about money is on it's way.
Two: A love affair or business deal others don't approve of.
Three: Legal issues and domestic arguments.
Four: Inheritance and other financial improvements.
Five: Success in business and family life.
Six: Marriage and relationship problems, particularly in later life.
Seven: Surprise news, (and it might not be good). Business problems.
Eight: Marriage and travel late in live. Rags to riches to rags and back again.
Nine: New opportunities in business and other good news related to money.
Ten: Changes for the better. Particularly in business or travel.
Jack: A relative. Used to indicate a blonde or very light red haired young woman or man. Could be a dishonest person.
Queen: A woman who loves to party, gossip and flirt. Used to indicate a blonde or very light red haired woman.
King: A stubborn and influential man. Used to indicate a blonde or very light red haired man.


Ace: Money, health, love and happiness.
Two: Difficult changes and separations coming from gossip and lies.
Three: A wealthy marriage.
Four: Like two, changes resulting from lies but also from betrayal.
Five: Help from new friends. A happy marriage.
Six: Success in business due to financial assistance.
Seven: Prosperity.
Nine: Accomplishments. New love. Avoid stubbornness/be open to others.
Ten: Good luck, especially with money and travel. Unexpected funds may arrive.
Jack: A friend you can count on. Used to represent a dark haired young man or woman.
Queen: An attractive, confident woman. Used to represent a dark haired woman.
King: An honest, generous, affectionate man. Used to represent a dark haired man.


Ace: Emotional conflict, obsession, death. Things coming to a head.
Two: Separation through gossip and deceit. Difficult changes.
Three: Unfaithfulness. Breakups.
Four: Illness. Broken promises, especially in business and other partnerships.
Five: People interfering with a happy home.
Six: Small changes for the better.
Seven: Unexpected loss of friends.
Eight: Trouble, disappointment, things going wrong, friends letting you down.
Nine: Bad luck. Depression. Destructive behavior.
Ten: Trouble, worries. Imprisonment. News you don't want to hear.
Jack: An immature and unreliable young person who means well but can't follow through. Young men and women of Asian or African American descent.
Queen: Used to represent old women. A woman who disregards others.
King: Used to represent old men. An ambitious, authoritative man.

Joker: New developments, fresh starts, taking risks.